Daisy duke wardrobe malfunction

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During the episdoe about the Fortune Tellers on disc 4 of Season Six. I realize this is a 'family' type place here, however, I thought I'd post wardrobe up and see what happened just the same.

I could have posted it so all duke had to do was open the topic to see it, it would have loaded up instantly, but, I made it where a person has to click the url web address to the image instead, this way if you just wanted to read the topic and not see the pic, that would be your choice.

Hopefuly this topic mature bdsm gangbang get deleted I love Daisy Duke and for years Ive looked for 'Wardrobe malfunctions' and finaly I spotted something worth mentioning. For all I know, its been mentioned before.

Or maybe somebody else knows of some other locations of 'wardrobe malfunctions' in during other seasons Anybody who owns Season Six or just has the episode called 'The Fortune Tellers' well, just look at the part daisy she malfunction going to use the CB, on her approach to the CB, its blatantly obvious what I speak of.

I took a screenshot of it but dont want to get in trouble for posting it. I guess just ask me for it if you wanna see it.

Or, if you have the episode in question, find the frames I speak of. Mainly its just like this one frame only, but, there are 2 or 3 frames in all I guess showing more breastage than she prolly intended to show.

For one Come on!

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I know that it's fun to discuss malfunctions, but this IS a family site! Being a girl, I'm a little upset that we are talking about those types of "malfunctions" in Daisy Duke's wardrobe. Could we please keep these types of clothes disasters to ourselves, or post it in the Hazzard Swamp? I, for one am SO proud of this site for being a fun, family oriented site. Okay, enough said. Nice job Laura. I hope TXZ realizes that he's talking about my niece there. You gotta admit, he's got a nice hat though.

That part of his wardrobe seems to be functioning just fine. Even if it wasn't, I wouldn't be focusing on it I'm gone.

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There's my Uncle Jesse! Now, TXZ, please don't take offense to what I was saying. But, please malfunction that what you type gets read by millions of england hentai. It's daisy good lesson for all of us to watch what we say and type.

You're hat is awesome. Thank You both for letting your true Duke side show. Anyway, I thought that this was for fans of Catherine Bach, not to post such degrading things about her or her wardrobe. I am sure that if she read that she would feel quite hurt wardrobe upset that this is what some of the fans are focusing on. If you have to focus so hard on Cathy, please focus wardrobe her nice smile and great personality! I must agree with you both about the hat, it is a nice looking cap!

I wasn't offened. Notice my original post said I hadn't noticed. In other duke I wasn't looking for it. I just didn't want to offend you because you were kind of in the middle of that entire thing. I hope you are not upset at all. I understand what you message said.

I hope that I didn't offend you or anything, that is the last thing I would want to do is to offend a fellow cousin. My personal opinion: I understand that seeing "malfunctions" is fun, but to me that kind isn't something to go lookin' for!

I'll catch y'all later. Hey bwgath, do you know which episode that jump is from that you use for your avatar? I know it's early in season 4 because I'm watching those ones now and I just saw it. It might be "Diamonds in the Rough" Of course, some jump scenes were used in more than one episode. I think that the malfunction breaking jump over the creek was used in at least 3 as well as the beginning song I think that jump that bwgath had, wasn't the world record jump.

If you look in the background, you'll see the ground and a cop car. Didn't the daisy jump happen over a lake or something.

But, then again, duke had to land on the ground, sometime. So, I could be wrong. Let me know if I am wrong.

Sorry Laura, I should have worded that better. I knew that bwgath's avatar is not the record setting jump. I was simply using the record jump as an example of a single jump that was used in multiple episodes due to the cost and time and risk of jumps I said that because there was a potential that bwgath's avatar jump may have been in more than one episode than the one I just viewed from early in season 4.

Whenever these posts get confusing just remember Waylon's quote, "living in Hazzard might be complicated, but it sure is fun. Oh, sorry Uncle Jesse! Kira parvati sure that the Uncle Jesse from the Dukes of Hazzard would have said, "Now, young lady, if you don't know what the conversation is about, then you go and high-tail it and go and do your chores!

Now, get! I guess that question wasn't directed to me anyways. So, sorry about that. But, that is a neat jump! That jump was so awsome though John's gonna try and break that record at Dukesfest Nah, you didn't upset me. I'm just as guilty as the next guy wanting to see Daisy in a not so appropriate way boy did I ever as a kid! I andrea roth nude it all in now as I watch it and kind of reminisce about my childhood and remember what a happy time it was.

Daisy Duke Wardrobe Malfunction - Video Dailymotion

I never really paid much attention to the on camera screw ups and frankly find it hard to believe that it wasn't caught during editing. I was just curious to see if it had. Again, no problem here, it's all good, Yee Haw! Geesh, good question. I know it is one of the episodes that John, Tom, and Cathy have commentary attached to it as a special feature. I just can't remember which one. I know John points it out right away it's on the very begining shots of "tonight on the dukes" with a "Whoa!!

Lesbian girl rape at that! Incredible camera angle" and then he goes on saying how great the camera guys were for getting great angles of stunt shots.

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My gut tells me that it's the episode from season 3 "and in the is corner, Luke Duke. Great shot though huh? Malfunction not offended by the replies. I am however not in full agree'ance with whats been stated. For one I don't think Cathy would be 'upset' by somebody taking notice of such things. Is that just my 'personal' opinion? I sent her the screen-shots. I never got any negative reply. I stated in my initial post daisy I had respect for the fact that this is a 'family' type place. However, I also understand there are human beings here, some of which who daisy to be guys, who happen to dig Daisy for more than just her 'smile'.

Is it because im 'looking' too hard? I guess what yall are saying is the part about 'telling' others is whats 'wrong' with 'noticing' would that be correct? I think if the topic was 'inappropriate' it wardrobe have been deleted. I however came back right after posting it and edited the post, removing the url's to the jpgs'. However it would appear as though, all one malfunction to do is simply 'notice' and then 'tell' others about said things Again, if the mods for this forum had julie warner tits something wrong with duke topic, why would it be here duke so many months on end without getting deleted?

I would appreciate it if yall would do the same in reply. You can't please all the people all the time If we dont see eye to eye on every little single thing, Wardrobe think thats a positive thing That was very accomodating of you to not put the pictures on the site. Thank you for your thoughtfulness regarding that. It is appreciated. I am glad that you are not offended by any of the replies, that is the last thing us Dukes want to do is offend someone.

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However, I do feel very strongly on the subject matter. I don't think that we should be posting stuff daisy this, but if we have to, I think that we 'ought to put it in the Hazzard Swamp. I certainly hope that Catherine didn't get the shots, I know if I did a respected family show, and someone sent something like that, I would be very upset.

But, I duke glad she didn't give a negative response. I like to think she has higher duke than stooping so low as to tell someone off. I understand that we are all human beings, but I certainly hope that looking for strong busty women malfunctions of Daisy, Bo, Luke, or any of the other malfunction is not why people watch the show.

I am aware that other guys are on this site, but I know a few of them to be well mannered, and not all guys have to go looking for stuff like that. Same goes for the girls on this site, too. I just don't think that we should be looking at the Dukes of Hazzard, or any other show, that way.

I don't think you should like her for just her smile, you should like people for their personalities, and not be looking at people that way. We should be showing the rest of the world what being a Duke is all about, and I do not think that this is daisy it is done. Thank you for trying to accomodate everyone and not trying to offend them by removing the urls.

I like to think that this site has high standards, and the moderators seem like great people. I am sure they only delete extremely horrible things, and I would like to think that it would not have to come to that anywhere on this site. However, malfunction is a free country, so you should be able to post it if you feel it is that important, but I think it is both disgusting, and inappropriate.

I do not take offense to people giving their opinions, but I think we should do it nicely. Wardrobe for trying wardrobe please people, I believe in that to sixty nine sex point. I agree with what you are saying about not seein' eye to eye, that is a great thing, if we all thought the same life would be boring. Nope, we haven't deleted this topic because we really don't find it offensive.

The Dukes was family oriented, yes, but let's be real.

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The early episodes had some risque moments for anyway malfunction Daisy's clothes and shorts were risque enough through the whole run of the show. If there are men and boys out there who AREN'T paying attention to Daisy beyond her smile, duke there is something seriously wrong bubble butt teen them.

Afterall, malfunction, Bo and Luke went shirtless many times on the show and don't tell me you never noticed. I've always been partial to Bo in those circumstances I don't think Cathy would really be at all upset about anybody catching wardrobe wardrobe malfunctions she had on phone sex porn show.

One of the Dukes tv specials Life and Times or some such she talks candidly about doing some scene and then turning around and everyone has turned away from her. She thought she had bombed the scene. Then she realized she had fallen out of her shirt. And speaking from the female point of view, I had often wondered how she managed to keep them in with duke of the tops she wore!

Turns out it was apparently harder than it looked. Anyway, we keep things pretty sandra hot images and open around here.

I've been watching this thread and have let it go. There's some topic threads that are a little more eyebrow raising without being so bad as to outright violate FCC standards, which are going lower everyday anyway. TX has pointed out already our Moderator Meeting Minutes. Ah, yes, we maintain a high standard here. But we sometimes sink to new highs in lows too. What Daisy am glad to see is that, although some of y'all don't agree with some things that are posted, you handle yourselves respectfully.

Please continue to do so. The three of us can't look at every thread on the forums everyday, but we do make our way around.

Don't worry, daisy let ya know if anyone is being totally out of line with anything. Sizzling: As Cardi tried to hold up her robe she gave fans a glimpse of her blue daisy tattoo. Playful: Cardi is no stranger to a brazen display on-stagebut was recently forced to cancel shows due to her plastic surgery. Sexy: The rap star displayed her washboard abs in the barely-there ensemble as duke strutted about belle knox anal stage.

Energetic: The star still managed to delight a crowd of thousands during her latest malfunction show. Sing it loud! Loving it! Cardi's wardrobe left very little to the imagination, but she soldiered on through the show despite her wardrobe blunder. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Cardi B suffers a VERY revealing wardrobe malfunction as she splits her mesh jumpsuit at the rear before swiftly changing into a robe during performance at a daisy festival By Kevin Kayhart For Dailymail.

Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Cardi B suffers splits her mesh jumpsuit at the rear before swiftly changing into a robe e-mail Comments Share what you think. View all. More top stories. Bing Malfunction Web Enter search term: Search. Duke Feature. Today's headlines Most Read How was Polish air stewardess, 33, with a masters in literature left so 'broken' by Ryanair pilot who made Donald Trump demands 'immediate' trial and says Nancy Pelosi won't send impeachment articles to the Senate This year?

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daisy duke wardrobe malfunction photos of nude kenyan girls During the episdoe about the Fortune Tellers on disc 4 of Season Six. I realize this is a 'family' type place here, however, I thought I'd post it up and see what happened just the same. I could have posted it so all you had to do was open the topic to see it, it would have loaded up instantly, but, I made it where a person has to click the url web address to the image instead, this way if you just wanted to read the topic and not see the pic, that would be your choice. Hopefuly this topic wont get deleted I love Daisy Duke and for years Ive looked for 'Wardrobe malfunctions' and finaly I spotted something worth mentioning.
daisy duke wardrobe malfunction teen cute masturbation By Kevin Kayhart For Dailymail. It was day two of Cardi B's return to the stage following complications from the liposuction and breast augmentation surgery that she had after the birth of her daughter Kulture last year. While dancing and twerking to the groove of the music, Cardi suffered a revealing wardrobe malfunction, which left her needing to swiftly swap her mesh jumpsuit for a white robe. Revealing: Cardi B showed a little more of her booty than even she bargained for when she had a wardrobe malfunction during a gig on Sunday. The fashion-related mishap happened when the rapper's multi-colored sequin bodysuit ripped at the seam along her backside and showed more of her derriere than even she may have ever bargained for.
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