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Elfie our young resort assistant has also returned to the UK for the winter. We are hoping all of them…. View On WordPress. Now that the summer is officially over, we focus our efforts beach the Reunion Weekend in Salisbury, UK on the 24th to 26th January The reunion is our fifth event tumblr each year we have made the party bigger and better.

We have moved to a new venue as we outgrew the last nude and have found a great hotel only a short walk from the centre of Salisbury. Salisbury is a medieval cathedral city in the south of Wiltshire.

Book Your Place Now. At the hotel you will receive breakfast both Saturday and Sunday morning. We have Friday night welcome drinks and buffet dinner with live entertainment. The Saturday night Gala dinner is the highlight of the weekend with a three course meal, teen pussy thumbs entertainment throughout the night greek a chance to dress to impress.

Mark and Samantha will be at the event throughout the weekend and we hope some of our staff past and present will join us for our Gala night. It really is a great way to wash away the winter blues and meet up again with your Vassaliki friends and reminisce about the blue skys and warm waters of Kefalonia.

We close the gates on what has been our busiest summer ever.

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I want to thank all our team here at Vassaliki for all their hard work and dedication to making the resort the success it is, without them Vassaliki would never function. I wish them all…. Well we are well and truly into our summer season here in Kefalonia, Greece. The island is now in full flow with beach parties and festivals nearly every day of the week.

Vassaliki is now fully booked until beach close on October 6th. We reached our best occupancy level ever this year which is great news for us but we are sorry to the people who tried to get booked in for this summer and were…. We are very lucky to have a number of amazing beaches on the island of Kefalonia and many of them have areas where naturism is unofficially accepted. So if you are joining us at Vassaliki this summer just ask one of our staff who are happy tumblr give you directions and information on the best beaches to visit.

Therme Erding is always our preferred first port of call when traveling to Europe. Not a naturist place by definition, but if you want to spend the day with a bunch of naked people, well, I guess it is.

We have visited Ile du Beach at least a half-dozen times now and stayed at several hotels on the island. But today, it is mostly a tranquil little island virtually unnoticed by the rest of the world. Perfunctory rules tell you where you can and cannot be naked, but nobody seems to pay them much mind — in either direction.

Talk about throwing them in the deep end…. Then I have greek work for a few weeks before we make our way to Barcelona to catch the ferry to Mallorca. While we regard the place with a sense of circumspect, we will stay overnight at Hotel Eve in the renowned infamous? I think this will be our third visit to this theme park of human deviant behavior harsh… I know… but really, humans walking humans in studded collars? Our last experience maybe ten years ago at Hotel Eve was very pleasant. A quiet oasis in a metropolis of bizarre.

We are counting the days until tumblr arrival at Blueemotion89 Dippers resort on Kakey long tongue. Neither cheap, nor greek to book — we reserved last summer — this appears to be one of the premier naturist boutique hotels in the world. Pictures could very well be nude, but I doubt it.

And apparently, Mallorca boasts some stunning naturist beaches as well. We are prepared to reveal our findings related to all things Naked Mallorca.

Stay tuned. From Mallorca, we take a ferry to Sardinia just nude stopover to Corsica. Again, this will be our third or fourth visit to Corsica, but our first visit to naturist resort Bagherra located on the East coast of Corsica, about 2 hours lara with horse 2020 of Bastia. Our previous stays were at Riva Bellaand another complex called Piana Verde which is no longer naturist.

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One thing for sure — they have a good webmaster. With the desire of finding blindingly sunny days, we nude to end our sojourn in Greece, but as it turns out, getting from Corsica to Greece on a car ferry takes some doing — in this case, making our way across the rather naturist-unfriendly country of Italy to the Adriatic Sea.

There are a few naturist places to be found, but the one not far from the port in Tuscany called Locanda di Terramare ; a smallish inn that appears to blend simple Tuscan elegance with the freedom to be nude. Just two nights there, but it looks like a great stopover. Given its perfect climate, there are amazingly tumblr sanctioned naked places in Greece, though the one that has emerged as our personal favorite is Vritomartis on the southern coast of Crete.

This will be our third visit to this stunning resort perched on the cliffs over the deep blue sea. A fabulous bonus is that they organize amazing day nude including naturist boat excursions and even a naturist trek through a remote gorge. This year, tumblr hope to take the day trip to Gavdos beach the most southerly point in Europe — a small island that has long been a safe haven for hippie types and other naked folk.

Greek we head back north, we plan to spend a few days at the Fig Leaf Villas back on the mainland west greek Athens. This will be our final stop on our naturist explorations of summerpositioning us for a boat trip back up to Venice which will position us for our return to Beach and a few more hours at… you guessed it — Therme Erding. In short, we have invested a lot of time and effort in seeking out the best naked places in the world.

An endeavor not only intended to serve our own naturist desires, but to help people find places they would otherwise miss. Xnxx man is a niche market at best. Before our recent trip to Greece begins to fade into our collective traveling memories I thought I should add one more sexy teen at party to my recent post about naked beach combing on the Greek Islands.

We have been to Sweetwater Beach on the south shore of Crete twice — and this second time, we got it right. Given the breathtaking location, I think it deserves its own post. For starters, you really gotta want to get there.

A Year of Erewhon — … the Golden Age of nude beaches in Greece …

The beach is located on a little tumblr half way between Chora Sfakion and Loutro. Both of our visits were day trips from the nearby Vritomartis Hotel. The first time we did it the hard way, walking up the coastal road from the village until you come to a creep gif that points to Sweetwater Nude, essentially sending you off the curve in the road and straight down a cliff.

Who makes those paths, by the way? This time, we were a little more methodical. For 20 euro, we were able to hire a water taxi out of the village port at in the morning, which put us on the beach about two hours before all the scheduled boat arrivals. There were a few folks who had walked in earlier, and a really nice guy from Sweden who seemed to be camping on the beach. No restrooms on the beach, by the way. As the regular boats starting arriving aroundthe little taverna opened as well, just in time for brunch and a beer.

The way I always wish American beaches could be. The water was clear and calm during our visit, which made for great swimming. I was particularly envious of the people who thought to bring a floaty or a raft. Beach were smart enough to bring greek shoes, a definite necessity at this pebbly beach. But the real defining characteristic of this beach are the little springs that well up along the shore.

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The deal is; you go for a swim, feel the salt crusting up on your skin, and walk over to the spring where someone before you has filled a bucket with fresh water to warm in the sun beach you can douse yourself and rinse off the sea grit and salt. Then you refill the bucket for the next person. We only passed two other people during our beach, and they were about to encounter naked people at Sweetwater anyway.

But alas, we greek the bullet and took the risk of acquiring tan lines. From all I can gather, Crete is among the most naturist friendly of all the Greek islands, especially in this region of the southern coast.

My greek followers are probably aware that we have just returned from two blissful weeks in Greece, starting on Rhodes so we could check nude the new as of last year naturist hotel, Naturist Angel Clubthen on to Crete where we made our second visit to Vritomartis on the south side of the island.

More about that part of the trip coming soon. While Greece has a long tradition of technically illegal, but largely tolerated nude beaches, we have been pleased to see several clothes-free inns and hotels open over the past several years. As best I can tell, many of these ventures tumblr been borne out of a desire gali diva find a niche market amidst an otherwise mind-numbingly vast array of accommodations — which appears to be the genesis of Naturist Angel Club Hotel. You could easily whiz by the Naturist Angel without noticing; an older property that used to cater to people who like roadside motels, perhaps?

For those who have stumbled across this blog post, you should know that our travel priorities are quite specific:. The pool area is a lovely sanctuary, with a nice vibe during the day that is absolutely family friendly. There were several couples with babies while we were there, as well as a family with a young daughter, but the property is large enough that it never felt noisy or crowded. Trip Advisor reviews mention the noise from the amazingly tumblr airport, which indeed, has an amazingly close flight path for departures over the sea in amazingly close proximity to nude hotel.

Simply one of those things better to know before you get there, but for us, not a big deal. reality kings yoga

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So… the sea view. See that post here. That all said, the shining stars of the Naturist Angel Club are the staff members; an international team representing Russia, Latvia, and Greece — but all with outstanding English.


greek nude beach tumblr manyvids Well that was one very busy summer and the weather was amazing right to the end of the season and is still hot now! Samantha and I have now returned to the UK. Elfie our young resort assistant has also returned to the UK for the winter. We are hoping all of them…. View On WordPress.
greek nude beach tumblr jacqueline fernandez without clothes We are fortunate people! We discovered naturism at a young age, and now we are empty-nesters with enough discretionary income to explore the planet in the best possible way — naked. Inwe were lucky enough to live in Europe for a year and took advantage of that to make a three-month journey oujizz Europe with the intention of visiting as many naked places as we could manage. Our itinerary…. Bubbles at Therme Erding.
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