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Hey Vaesark! I'm a big fan of your art and I really enjoy your work, your albums and characters are always sexy and impressive.

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I just wanted to ask a small little question though Hi Vaesark! Huge fan of your work for some time now. Have you considered doing an Egyptian themed set? That would be really cool. Id love to see her get a solo set. Keep vaesark up! I had something like that started before the my old computer crashed but I haven't ported the files art the new one yet, I'll get to it Hey, kinda a random question, but have you ever considered doing picture sets with RWBY characters?

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Thank art for the fav! Vaesark, I noticed you listed a vaesark issues you were having with your computer when you posted your most recent set. Mind going into a bit more detail? I have a decent idea of what the problem might be, but want to confirm before I say anything. Luckily that drive didn't had any system files, only steam games and some packs of random data.

But ever since the computer is acting weird and giving me errors every now and them, mostly related to the use of data, for example, deleting mb of stuff from the recycle bin took about 2 hours. Installing a 4mb windows update about half plump gangbang hour, sometimes is freezes for seconds when opening a file. Thought as much. Definitely a failing hard drive. Rescue everything critical that you can from that particular drive and either stop using or replace it.

As soon as it's out of your computer, it should speed up just as a result of the fact it isn't trying to index bad data anymore. Luckily, hard drives are on the cheap end in terms of computer part cost, and if you have a desktop, they're art of the easiest parts to replace. To clarify: when Vaesark say stop using, I mean physically remove it from the computer.

The index check will stop, windows updates will go faster it uses the largest clear area of hard drive space when you update, which seems to be on that hard drive right nowvaesark overall performance will increase as a result of Windows not trying to figure out what information is actually on the hard drive. Hey Vaesark. Loved your work for many years art. I'm wondering - what tools do you use to make such photorealistic and nice-looking image sets?

Do you use other software as well?

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I'm trying to get a start on this type of art myself but it's very overwhelming to find art right tools and addons from the start. For rendering I use Octane, it produces really nice renders but it requires a powerful nvidia card, the more cuda cores the vaesark. Featured Featured.

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vaesark art college party orgy Alien Communion 2. Check out my CG sets at:. Recent Pictures. Doom Girl. Wednesday Loves. Dragons 4.
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